Perfect African Sunset in the Kruger Park
African Buffalo - one of the big 5

The hide on a bull buffalo's neck is as thick as 2 inches in places, which protects it during battles with other bulls for dominance.

Elephants - one of the big 5

Elephant tusks are present at birth, the “baby tusks” fall out after a year, and permanent ones replace them.

Leopard - one of the big 5

Leopards are nocturnal animals, meaning they are active at night.

Lion - one of the big 5

Lions vary in color but typically sport light yellow-brown coats.

White Rhino - one of the endangered big 5

White rhinos are surprisingly agile and can run very fast, up to 40 km/h for short periods.

Glossy Starlings

A Glossy-starling helping itself to some left overs.

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